Setting Sail


I haven’t posted for a while, a period during which we have been packing and purging our house. I will be away for a while more, as we move next week. Our problem now is that our new house is not ready, so we can’t close on it. It seems that state laws say you cannot move into a house with no appliances (there is a refrigerator there, but no cook top or stove). Which could mean a long time in a hotel.  And a long time for our poor cat to be boarded. Please send a few prayers up that this is resolved for us!

Moving has given me packing brain, along with some underlying melancholia that I am leaving a house in which I raised my kids, spent my entire career, and grew old. There have been some small moments of tears, but I need to move on. Life is a series of changes, and some people, myself included, don’t handle change well.

I’ll be back in November with some posts from my book, The Last Pilgrim. November saw the end of the Mayflower’s journey, but not the end of the many obstacles the Pilgrims faced.

Wish me luck as I embark on my own voyage!