The Garfield Chronicles


Hello to everyone! It’s been a while since I, Garfield the magnificent, have typed a post, but my two-legged has been hogging the computer, working away on a book. She says she needs to finish editing it ASAP, so I snuck up here to use it while she’s away for the weekend…leaving me behind!

I don’t mind being left alone so much now since she found a nice lady to come in a give me pets and feed me. I’m warming up to her. She also brushes me which I LOVE.

So what have I been up to, you might ask, during all this time.

Well, I trapped my first mouse. It came in from the garage in a box my two-legged brought inside. It was much nicer to play with than the phony, furry ones she keeps giving me and it didn’t look anything like my knitted mouse, which I love to death.  She took that real one away from me, though, because she was afraid I might eat it…or so she said.

I also discovered a fun game to play. I go into one of the bedrooms upstairs and push the door shut. Then I dig at the door until she comes and lets me out. I did this several times until she realized I was doing it deliberately and braced the door open. Phooey!

There are lots of games I like. My two legged will play ‘hide her hand’  on the stairs with me – she pops it out and I jump! I also love to knead the blue blanket on her bed. I can do it for a long while and it makes me purr. 

Right now I am having fun leaving fur on her bed – she has to brush it up every few days, complaining she could stuff a pillow with it. Can I help it if I am fluffy and handsome?

It’s also fun to give her a fright. When she goes outside to swim, I charge the door. I have no idea what I would do if I actually got out the door, but she thinks I would run away and get lost. What’s outside that door?

My two-legged and someone she calls Hubs seem to find me very funny, and I do my best to keep them laughing – running around the house, which is good exercise, rolling on the floor, running up and downstairs, and carrying my knitted mouse into various corners of the house. I am not sure what they find so funny, since this is just what I do. It’s my job!

Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you next time, but in the meantime, she still hasn’t been able to get me into that box. She says I need to see somone called a vet.

This is what I think of THAT idea!