The New Garfield Chronicles, Part 2


Well, here I am again, Garfield the Magnificent, able to get to the computer one more time. My two-legged has been absent for a day or so tending to her two-legged companion who is at a place called a hospital. I don’t generally interact with him, although he has tried hard to get me to warm up to him ever since they adopted me from the shelter. But I am basically a one-person feline.

Anyway, after we moved to this new place, things were calm for a while, except for my absolute unwillingness to get into that crate cage. Then two years ago, BOTH two-leggeds disappeared. They were gone for a long, long, long time. I will admit I was a little lonely, but this nice person called Auntie Beth stayed with me. She loved me and brushed me every day and sometimes fed me twice a day! I figured she was going to be my new two-legged so I gave her all the attention I could. But then one day, both of my live-ins came back. I was SO glad to see them!

Since then, I know when Auntie Beth is coming because some boxes come out and clothes get put into them. I try to express my knowledge someone is leaving and that I am unhappy by getting into the boxes and even sleeping there. But it never stops them. I just have to believe they will come back at some point.

Most recently, my two-legged left for quite a while and after three days of sulking on my tree and in the bedroom, I really needed a pet. I really do like sleeping on the bed, but honestly, it got boring after a while.

So I came out and let him pet me, once. I liked it, so I came out the next day for a little longer. After another day, I got in his lap for a purr and a pet. Any port in a storm, right? But then she came home, and I forgot about all that.

Wishing you lots of pets and scratches and good food,

Your friend Garfield


27 thoughts on “The New Garfield Chronicles, Part 2

  1. I’m sorry one of your two-legs is in the hospital. Ludo went to the hospital yesterday to have a little lump taken out, but he came home straight away. Mummy says sometimes overnight stays are necessary, but unusual, and she sends love to Auntie Noelle and hopes Mr Noelle will get well soon.
    So do we.
    Locksley xxxx

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