The World’s Loss: Queen Elizabeth


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Queen Elizabeth. She became queen when I was eight years old and I remember watching the coronation on TV. I can’t imagine England without her.

A strong, independent, apolitical figure, she saw her united countries through good times and bad, with a sense of humor, quick wit, understanding, and perception. She never complained in public about her lot in life, which was a tough one from an early age. These last few years must have been particularly hard for her, but she soldiered on, as she did in WWII.

May she rest in peace. And thank you for your long life of service.


31 thoughts on “The World’s Loss: Queen Elizabeth

  1. alexcraigie

    That’s a beautiful tribute, Noelle. To be in the public eye like that, work so hard and for so long, and not put a foot wrong is extraordinary. Apparently Paddington’s Twitter account yesterday echoed the scene between them on her jubilee – “Thank you Ma’am, for everything.” I love the thought of her reuniting with Phillip.

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  2. I, too, was 8 when the queen came to the throne. What a great lady. She will be sadly missed. I was just in France, and the French news was paying tribute to her just as much as the UK news. I think the whole world is saddened by her passing.
    King Charles will have a difficult time following her.
    (King Charles sounds so odd!)

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