Some doggerel about to-be-read lists


In response to the challenge by D. Wallace Peach to write a poem or story about your e-book TBR list, or in my case pile, (see: Here is my contribution, over which I labored for at least five minutes.

My TBR pile, it seems,

Is taking over my dreams.

Last night I dreamed of a hat.

You know the one that sat

Looking sage on a table at Hogwartโ€™s

And divided the kids into all sorts

Of magical schools.

This one, all floppy and chatty,

Sat atop my pile, looking tatty.

It dithered and vexed

About the book to choose next.

It was no help at all

As pile did fall

Smothering me.

Needless to say, I woke up screaming! Thanks, Diana, for this vision!


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