I’ve got my nose above water but that’s all


Happy New Year to everyone and failte oirbk back to my blog.  That’s welcome in Gaelic.

I decided to take a class in beginning Gaelic at UNC and I must say the first class was daunting. It’s a challenge to find the significant amount of time each day required to  master the pronunciation and vocabulary. I’m just auditing but the class is full of linguistic majors who are very quick learners. Why did I do this?                                                                   I am nuts!

At the same time I am doing two edits of The Last Pilgrim – now finishing up the last third of the book following comment from my editor (thank you, Alison Williams)  and going over it yet again before I send a few chapters at a time to my copy editor.

So I’ve sort of dropped off the radar….sorry. I do read blog posts but have so little time to comment, even when I’m itching to do so.

I will post another clip for you to read shortly, but in the meantime, here is the beginning mock-up of the cover, FYI.

You may hear a HELP! from me soon!

18 thoughts on “I’ve got my nose above water but that’s all

  1. Ah, Gaelic. I thought “auto correct” had taken over. 😉 Once it changed my boss’s name to “Marlarkey”… while it was accurate, I was relieved to catch the change before I hit send!
    Noelle, the cover is going to be stunning. You’ve reached some terrific milestones. Congratulations. Happy New Year.


    • Thanks, Teagan. I can use lots of good wishes. Hope you New Year is a good one, too. I just got home from my second class. If I work really hard on vocabulary and listening to the words on line, I can just about keep up!


  2. Are you familiar with he app Duolingo? There’s also an online website. I’ve been using it for months to learn Spanish (I did it a few years ago but gave up after a short while). I use it daily now for Spanish, but it has multiple languages including Scottish Gaelic. I love it because I can practice wherever I am on my phone, or on my laptop or computer at home. I’ve used several different apps (including the Rosetta Stone) but love Duoling the best. You might want to give it a looksee 🙂

    Lovely cover, too!


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