Welcome and Thanks for the Follow

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A heartfelt welcome to my new followers (I only get gravatars, so my info on each is limited!) :


Steve Hill writer

Joan Hall from Texas – author of mystery and suspense (with a touch of romance thrown in). Cat lover, iced tea drinker, Beatles fan. Joan likes folklore, exploring old cemeteries, taking ghost walks, and full moons.

Austin Writes – I am an Irish veterinarian and budding writer. I enjoy writing stories from my work with animals (and people) and dabble in a bit of fiction at times too.

Southern as Seven Syllables – A healthy helpin’ of sarcasm, satire, humor, and humility can found way down in Mississippi from the personal stories of Mandi.

Paul Cervantes

Proof Reading Books


I hope they enjoy my blogs – they are pretty eclectic so there should be something in there for everyone!

And thanks to all my followers for their interest!

6 thoughts on “Welcome and Thanks for the Follow

  1. I was going to say Joan Hall is an awesome blogger and great to have as a follower, but I see she already popped on to introduce herself. Glad to have two friends connect!

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