To all my followers and readers of my blog: Happy Spook Day!

We live so far off the main road that we don’t get visitors in costume, but where we lived in Evanston, Illinois, our house was frequented by many trick or treaters. Our outlay for candy each year was ginormous. One year, long before all of the razors appeared in candy and drugs were found in treats, I made candy apples for the children. They were eagerly snapped up, and I heard someone yell down the street, “Hey, this lady had candy apples! Come and get ’em!” A stampede ensued.

This year, I offer a picture of my daughter and son in law, who went to a Halloween Party dressed as megalodons, in honor of the recent movie (which I thoroughly enjoyed): The Meg.


24 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  1. My mom and dad used to make caramel popcorn balls way back in the day and hand them out for trick or treat. That was before all the ugliness or razor blades, etc.

    Love the Meg costumes. I read the book many years ago. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  2. Halloween has certainly changed over the years. Our schools don’t even allow Halloween parades or celebrations anymore because it’s considered a pagan holiday. We are getting fewer and fewer trick or treaters to our house, but we all think that’s because our development is aging out. This is the first year none of our kids went out and everyone else’s kids are also growing up! Lots of leftover candy here, but I’m giving it away at work and to our grown kids!

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