Welcome New Followers


Hey everyone, check out some of these new followers’ blogs!

Kristi at https://bostonbookreader.wordpress.com As her blog name indicates, she lives in Boston, my home town, and LOVES to read.

https://universaltrimming.wordpress.com  For all you seamstresses out there, this is a manufacturer that specializes in braids, cords, fringes, tassels, and passementeries.

https://fancypaperblog.wordpress.com  is written by an Irish mom with two little girls under two. It’s about parenting and the joys and not-so-joys of having children.

https://syedamahamriazblog.wordpress.com/ is written by Maham, who is a chartered accountant working for one of the big four audit firms. She is passionate about reading, writing, fashion, beauty, art, travel and food.

https://marcbatesphotographyblog.com Marc Bates a freelance photographer from Cramlington in Northumberland, England. Stop by his blog to see some spectacular photos!

Kanika at http://kanikachughs.com KC writes wonderfully lyric poetry

Like to play bingo? This site https://perfectbingositesuk.wordpress.com will tell you all about the various kinds of bingo and where you can play and the rules.

https://edgepropsg.wordpress.com  Is a site for sales of properties. You need a LOT of money to buy any of them!

https://donmassenzio.wordpress.com  Don is a friend and a fellow mystery writer. I’ll have a post about his new book very soon! He’s also written  The Ultimate Guide For Independently Published Authors: Tips for improving quality and selling your work, now available on Amazon.com as an eBook or in paperback.

Willie Gordon Suting at https://williegordonsutingblog.wordpress.com is a poet, writer, freelancer, bibliophile, vintage watches collector, blues and vocal jazz fan and country-jazz crooner who lives in Shillong, Meghalaya, Northeast India

https://reasonstoresist.com is a fairly virulent anti-Trump blog. There may be some who would like this.

https://emotionspassion.wordpress.com is an empowering, supportive blog about emotions.

Let’s Roam the World at https://elaineroams.com is a blog written so the author, who admits to a bad memory, can remember all the places she’s been and things she’s done. A wonderful, eclectic travel blog.

The Mad Movie Ranter at https://youtheman77.wordpress.com has a BA (with Honours) degree and took a two year part time Master’s Degree in Television Scriptwriting. He reviews LOTS of movies. You can check out almost anything new on his site.

Sanjeef Jain at Digital Passion: https://www.shoutmepassion.com  He posts about how to make an income from your site or blog, how to redirect traffic to your site. Good information!

Akataka076 at https://laughingmega.wordpress.com His site has comedy videos set in Africa and they did make me laugh!

Sujata at https://abhikavya.wordpress.com  She writes poetry, but I need a translation. From the comments, it sounds like she has a real way with words!

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