While I Was Away


I had many new followers appear while I was away. I’d like to recognize some of them:


Free Soul – A flawed human, a seeker of truth, enjoying my journey on this earth.

Willeke-Maya at https://irelandms.com



scskillman  Warwick, UK fellow writer

Lance Greenfield at lancegreenfield.wordpress.com

Anjali Singh  at https://sabakuchsocial.wordpress.com/

Poornima M Reddy at https://purnisfoodblog.wordpress.com

Ruth at https://imageandword.wordpress.com/t

Jessica Norrie – writer, linguist, teacher, mother at https://jessicanorrie.wordpress.com/

Professional Child Wrangler at https://confessionsofanurseryassistant.wordpress.com

Ellen Best at https://ellenbest24.wordpress.com

Helen Jones at https://journeytoambeth.com   




Lab Works blog at https://labworksweb.wordpress.com

Prajahma Cruces at https://intrepidiamcom.wordpress.com/

Antonio Tarnawiecki  at https://tarnawieckisart.wordpress.com


I appreciate your interest!



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