What To do on a Rainy Day


It’s been raining non-stop for two days and the critters are getting antsy. Elijah Moon just had to go out today, but decided he didn’t like being wet. So he just sat here.

Then he came in and went back to zzzzing.


Our squirrels are quite pathetic in the rain. Their tails get bedraggled and since I need to fill the bird feeders, which they have somehow learned to draw down (even though they were advertised as being squirrel proof), they are happily chawing on the hot pepper suet. Also supposed to be squirrel proof. Here is the one I named Robert (yes, he is male), approaching the feeder and then getting his lunch.


As for me, I am writing ! No outside distractions…well, except for Elijah and the squirrels.


25 thoughts on “What To do on a Rainy Day

  1. After day after day of gorgeous weather we’re in constant gray and rainy too. I think I got spoiled with all the clear skies! Is there such a thing as a truly squirrel proof feeder? We have one hanging from a tree way off the ground and a good ways away from the tree itself with a baffle and every once in awhile they still manage it. If they didn’t clear out the birdfeeders so fast it’d be cute!

  2. we had rain! A month without, bar a day or two and whatever happened to April showers. Today, too, fortuitously I seeded and spread two tonnes of topsoil on the lawns (with help) and it is watered in now. A happy little pretzel me!

  3. I have a gray squirrel visitor quite often that I have named Matthew. It doesn’t rain much here, so when he decides to chew on my cayenne suet he runs over to the fence just pawing his mouth and rubbing it on the the fence board. I kind of feel bad for him, but he really needs to remember it hurts him, lol. It sounds like you’ve had time to write with all that rain!

    • Smart critters, them! We are STILL raining here, but the weather people are predicting a let up later today – we’ve had four plus inches of water in the last two days, but the sun will come out….tomorrow!

    • Sun is out intermittently today although it’s cool. Apparently large areas of our area are flooded badly – I saw people swimming to get out of their houses. We live on a hill, so flooding isn’t a problem

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