A Shout out to new Followers


My newest followers:

Ben Chittock at https://bchittock.wordpress.com/about/ Ben does movie reviews, most recently The Revenant and The Dead Pool

Juliacastorp at https://juliacastorp.wordpress.com She is Romanian and describes herself as a linguist and lecture lover, a woman of present (hippie hippie). She has some nice posts on female actors.

More of more who posts at https://moreofmoreblog.wordpress.com, She is a young blogger who writes about school, dancing, and bullying – and reminds me what it was like to be young with the future ahead!

Ana Spoke at http://anaspoke.com. She is in middle management and a self-published author of a new book entitled Shizzle.

Candice Louisa Daquin who blogs at https://thefeatheredsleep.wordpress.com. Candice is a writer with seven books to her credit (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) and blogs on personal subjects with sensitivity.

Samantha at https://gh0stpupp3t.wordpress.com. She posts an eclectic blog – one of her latest combines Justin Trudeau and Matt Damon!

Brittany at https://blg2011motherof2.wordpress.com Her blog is a collection of writings, some inspirational and others random. She is the author of a series of inspirational paperbacks.

Darshan Desai at https://darshandesai54.wordpress.com. This blogger provides advice on how to use online marketing platforms and cute kid pictures!

Carlos Lopez and Adrián B. G. at https://lascronicasdelotromundo.wordpress.com/ They blog in Spanish for those of you who are fluent (I’m a scanner for general meaning!) and post about their books, writing and other authors!

 Bharathy Jayaraman at bharathy78. She is currently working in the U.S. as software Quality Analyst by profession and a mother of a son who is residing in India with her parents. She chooses to write about the different things such as basket weaving and quilting, the books she reads and so on. You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bharathy.jayaraman.5

Reza at https://rrrnnr.wordpress.com/ She blogs in both German and English.

Jolant Kalinowska at http://photokalino.wordpress.com. She is a photographer and her pictures are amazing.

J Good at http://jgoodwithsports.com/spotlight/ He blogs about sports! I am a sports nut so this blog SPEAKS to me!

Rilwan Jarboh at http://rilwanjarboh.com/2015 He is a student at SOS Hermann Gmeiner High School in Gambia. He’s also a computer programmer and interested in all sorts of blogs. Check him out!

Thanks to all of these bloggers for following me and do check them out!


6 thoughts on “A Shout out to new Followers

    • My children would question the “wise’, Jemima! As for generous – I have received so many kindnesses from my fellow bloggers, including you, that I feel like I need to pass it on. Thank you so much for the compliment, and I’m glad to know you, too!

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