Z = Zoey Harris


Bet you didn’t see I’d have a Z!

Zoey begins as a strong minor character in Death in a Red Canvas Chair but returns with a vengeance in Death in a Dacron Sail.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her and I see her returning in my fourth book.

Zoey is an undergraduate at Pequod College, and Rhe talks to her as part of her investigation of the death of a fellow student. Here is how I describe her:

When she finally emerged from the classroom, I saw a model-thin young woman, all legs, dressed in a denim skirt so short heavens know what you would see if she bent over. She was wearing cowboy boots, the latest campus fad.

“Are you Zoey Harris? I asked, as she paused to drape her raincoat through her backpack.

“Yeah, and you are…?” she said cautiously.

With a closer look, I saw she was wearing a good deal of make-up, perfectly done, which seemed strange for a wet day of running to classes.  And chewing gum.


Zoey certainly fell in the category of what I called the ‘Beautiful People’. It’d been my experience that the beautiful and handsome kids tended to congregate with each other, at least in high school and somewhat in college, so it was not surprising that she and Lili hung out together.  And I was also pretty sure Zoey had at least a few brains to go with her looks.  She was definitely socially adept.


Zoey looked at her wrist watch, which I couldn’t help but notice was thin, gold, and looked to be a Patek Philippe. I glanced at her other wrist and saw she had a diamond tennis bracelet, which went with what I had assumed were fake diamond studs in her ears.  A little pricey for a college student if they were real.

In Death in a Dacron Sail, the real Zoey emerges:

“Up until her question, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but just then I spied Will, sitting at a table toward the rear of the room. With him was a Pequod student I knew well, Zoey Harris.  They were holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes with undisguised lust.”

Any thoughts on Zoey? What does she look like?


Whew!  I’ve come to the end of the A-Z challenge for 2016. A few thoughts:

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has followed my blog for the month of April. I’ve loved exchanging comments and visiting your posts!

Second,  I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some of the characters from my books.  If you haven’t read them, I hope you’ll give them a try. It’s good to read them in sequence, but they are nearly stand-alone so you can jump in anywhere.

Third, I will soon post pictures of people suggested for my characters. Because of privacy issues, I chose them from Hollywood denizens, who love publicity.

And finally, the cover reveal for Death by Pumpkin is also upcoming, and I thank everyone who voted in the first and second rounds. The book will be out sometime later in May. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Z = Zoey Harris

    • Time to be in your Zen place now, Sylvial Your series this year was so typically you – thoughtful and thought-provoking. I’m thinking you should gather these posts into a book!

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