V = another mismatch: Pequod


I just realized that I had posted on Michael Bowers earlier – color me embarrassed. My mind is rather scrambled as I try to make yet another revision of Death by Pumpkin with comments from another editor and my copy editor and complete the A-Z Challenge.

Here is a new V!

The town of Pequod is definitely  a character in my books. A small coastal town in Maine with a waterfront park, its streets and businesses and colorful citizens populate my writing. The waterfront park is the site of the Pumpkin Festival that opens my third book, Death by Pumpkin.

I drew Pequod in part from  Camden, which is a delightful old town just north of Boothbay Harbor, where we stay when we visit Maine. I love finding names for the various stores and store owners and using Maine historical figures for the names of the streets. Keep an eye out for these when you read my books!

Camden Harbor

Camden in winter



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