L = Lyle Pendergrass


13194341_9781630030339_coverLyle Pendergrass is the guard at the rear (employees parking lot) entrance of Sturdevant Hospital. He sits at a station behind a Plexiglas wall separating his desk from the corridor.  Rhe thinks he’d been there since before the hospital was constructed and had a suspicion that they’d just built it around him. He probably couldn’t defend the hospital from a cat invasion, but he knew every employee and delivery person and checked Ids.

Lyle is one of those minor characters that occasionally pops to life, such as when he fends off an aggressive reporter following Rhe in Death in a Red Canvas Chair and when he provides critical information about the lack of security in the Emergency Room in Death in a Dacron Sail.

High Resolution Front Cover.4957203He’s a loveable and rickety old duck and I’m sure I’ll have him back in future books.

What do you think he looks like? Anyone come to mind?


4 thoughts on “L = Lyle Pendergrass

  1. He sounds quite brilliant! I see him perhaps as a short fellow, full of his own importance but not in an arrogant way. Maybe a little pot belly from all the sitting down. Quite possibly a well-kept moustache.

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