K = James Barnes (sorry)


I am cheating today because I don’t have a K. And I’m rhyming…

High Resolution Front Cover.4957203James plays a major role in Death in a Dacron Sail. He is the brother of Peter Barnes, a lobsterman, and in the summers serves as Peter’s stern man, the crew member responsible for hauling, emptying and re-baiting the lobster traps. Rhe knows Peter because they grew up together. Peter is blond, weathered and looks like a Viking, while James is taller and bulkier. He has dark hair, sports a stubble of beard, and doesn’t smile, his face usually fixed in a chiseled block. Rhe notices his eyes in particular – dark brown, almost black, making him look like he has huge pupils.

This is a picture of a guy whose name I don’t know, but whom I thought was a great candidate for James. I saw him in the Barnes and Noble where I meet with one of my critique groups, and he was fine with my taking his picture.

Do you have an image of James?



5 thoughts on “K = James Barnes (sorry)

    • Yes! I’d seen him around and thought about approaching him – some people are really negative when I ask to take their picture, but he was most accommodating. Wonder if he knew I pictured him as a child kidnapper and murderer?

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