J = Jack


Send me your ideas of what Jack looks like!

Jack is Rhe and Will Brewster’s six-year-old son. By the time of Death by Pumpkin, he is seven and in second grade.  Rhe had problems getting pregnant and Jack was conceived by in vitro fertilization.  Rhe wants another child and is pregnant in Death in a Dacron Sail.

Jack looks very much like his father, with whom he has a close relationship through the first book. He’s tall for his age, gangly, with floppy light hair. He has ADHD, which has been a stressor on the Brewster’s marriage because Jack sees a counselor (a hit to their budget) and has the usual difficulties such children have with focusing and doing homework. By the third book, Jack has developed a wicked sense of humor and loves telling puns and knock-knock jokes. He is also close with his Uncle Sam, Will’s brother, and has loves spending time with Paulette, Ted, Sarah and Tyler McGillivray.  Paulette is Rhe’s BFF and Tyler is Jack’s age.

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Death by Pumpkin – coming in May







14 thoughts on “J = Jack

  1. It’s a great idea for the series of posts, Noelle. I must confess for some of my characters I don’t have a clear idea of what they look like (I know how they are character-wise but…).

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