D= Miss Daisy


Today I have an inanimate object that is on all three of the Rhe Brewster  Mysteries, unless you have an old battered Jeep Cherokee!

Miss Daisy is Rhe’s now thirteen year-old dented green Cherokee, named for the movie Driving Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy is indeed a character, having none of the recent amenities. Scratches and rust spos, crank-down windows, stick shift, and a whimsical heater that frequently leaves Rhe frozen. There’s a heavy wool blanket in the back for winter emergencies. No cup holders, either.

She may be due for a new car in Book 4, but it will probably be another Jeep.

  • <b>2003</b> <b>JEEP</b> <b>Cherokee</b> For Sale, 2.8, Diesel, Automatic For Sale

I think this one looks a little too nice, but finding pictures of battered cars is difficult.



8 thoughts on “D= Miss Daisy

  1. When I read the first two books, I pictured Miss Daisy as being a little older than that. I saw her as the kind of Jeep that has zip off windows and would be really cold during Maine winters.

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