C = Crystal Bog


Today I have a place that figures into Death in a Dacron Sail, so no challenge to provide me with a picture!

Crystal Bog is located in Maine’s Aroostook County. It is a 1400 acre wetland and is one of Crystal Bogthe state’s best example of a domed bog ecosystem. It is also one of Main’s most diverse bogs and contains a large number of rare plants and animals.

A typical bog is formed from an accumulation of peat (dead plant material) and mosses, mainly sphagnum moss. Raised or domed bogs are discreet, raised, mound-shaped masses of peat occupying former lakes or shallow depressions in the landscape. Their principal supply of water and nutrients is from rainfall and the substrate is acid peat soil, which can be up to 12m deep. Raised bogs are characterized by low-growing, open vegetation dominated by mosses, sedges and heathers, all of which are adapted to waterlogged, acidic and exposed conditions. In the center there can be an expanse of water in the form of a shallow pond.

A bog body is a human cadaver that has been naturally mummified in a peat bog. Some of them have been dated to between 8000 BCE and the Second World War, the levels of preservation varying widely from perfectly preserved to mere skeletons.

Book cover

A body is discovered in Crystal bog in Death in a Dacron Sail, and Crystal Bog is the wetland that Rhe, wearing shackles and weak from a concussion, has to slog through in the middle of winter, following an escape from her kidnapper.


14 thoughts on “C = Crystal Bog

  1. That’s so cool how bogs preserve bodies for thousands of years. Makes for some interesting tales. I have to add Death in a Dacron Sail to my TBR list. Rhe is a great character, and I can just imagine her slogging around in a bog, shackled, in winter. What did she get herself into now?!

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