B = Bob Morgan


Bob Morgan

Death in a Red Canvas Chair

Challenge: Send me a picture of what you think Bob Morgan looks like!

Bob is the Editor in Chief of the Post & Sentinel, Pequod’s daily newspaper. He went to high school with Rhe and they were a couple for a brief time. Bob wanted a physical relationship, but Rhe had her sights set on college and a career; as a result, she broke it off.  Bob married and divorced, and even though Rhe is now married with a child, he still carries a flame for her. When Bob returned to Pequod to take on the reins of Editor, he borrowed money from Bitsy Wellington to upgrade the newspaper. Along with the money came Bitsy herself, in a short term relationship. Rhe and Bob’s relationship is contentious, with Bob alternately making passes at her and harassing her for information on the investigations she is running.


16 thoughts on “B = Bob Morgan

  1. Hi Noelle, I tried to paste a pic in here and wasn’t able to. I picture him in his late 30s, early 40s, decent enough looking, but with a smile that turns into a smirk. Someone Rhe should probably think twice about before fully trusting. Great description.

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