I Have a HUGE Favor to Ask


To all my followers, fellow bloggers and friends (you are all of them):

I am working on the cover for my third book. This one is more difficult because of its focus. Could you take some time out of your busy day and go to:


and vote on a design? The print on each with be the same type as on my previous two covers and the title is Death by Pumpkin (some of the selections got it wrong).

Thanks a million!



46 thoughts on “I Have a HUGE Favor to Ask

  1. Did you purposely ask for different versions of the same picture Noelle? I think that the one on the very bottom right next to your previous cover is the best zoom of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I like #5. And the way it’s presented, I get a feeling the artist is a pro. I’m not that fond of the gradient background for the title, but I do think it’s the best use of the pic and it matches the other cover nicely – a good thing, for a series. #12 would be my 2nd choice; the blood on the wrist looks more realistic, and I prefer the title presentation. But that pumpkin strains credibility – it’s just a bit too much, unless the novel’s about alien pumpkins from outer space, landing on your car. It’s not as obviously photoshopped as some of the others, but still distracting.

  3. I like #12 by Kristen Designs. It will go nicely with the first two books and gives the right impression. Some of the others have colors that are jarring. The one in the lower right would work but is very much the same as book 1. it’s a balancing act between being similar and being too similar.

  4. A great idea to come up with different suggestions. I’m a bit behind but I’m off to vote (mind you, I don’t have a great eye for these things). Good luck, Noelle.

  5. Terry Tyler

    No question about it, number 3 with the huge pumpkin. What matters on Amazon is that a book is noticeable and stands out as a thumbnail, and this one will get people clicking on it every time. With the others, I couldn’t see quite what they were; as thumbnails they’ll just look like a mass of blood/colour.

    • Hi Terry – I took what people said and had the artists make corrections. We are down to two and I will have a poll posted here on those two! Could use your feedback again! Stay tuned!

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