April Fool’s Day and the A-Z Challenge

Clip Art for April Fools Day - Dixie Allan

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, the one time of year when both Hubs and my daughter team up to make my life miserable.

Their best get was on the April 1st just before Cameron graduated from college, when she called to tell me she was pregnant. I have to admit, she’s a good actress. Hubs played along, and I was completely snookered. She didn’t even have a steady boyfriend! Scenarios of what to do ran amok in my mind, and I started to talk with her about options. Then of course came the “April Fool!”Β  I won’t tell you what I said to the two of them…

Anyway, the A-Z challenge starts tomorrow. This year, because my third book comes out next month, I am doing characters and places from the book. Each post will be mercifully short.

Here’s the kicker: I’d like you, if you choose to comment, to include a picture of what you think the character looks like! At the end of the month, I can post those that I think are most closely aligned with what’s in my head. Should be fun!

And thanks for stopping by…

9 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day and the A-Z Challenge

  1. Ah, your take on the Challenge sounds fun. Will do my best to guess the character’s characteristics. πŸ™‚ And you had me LOL at the daughter-father prank. Something tells me you let them hear it for a looong time. πŸ˜‰ Look forward to April, Noelle.

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