I’ve returned and while I’m recovering….


I am back from my sojourn in Germany, where I didn’t learn the language (other than bitte, danke shön, and guten tag) but had a great time visiting places I hadn’t been before.  I’ll post some pictures soon.

Elijah Moon gave a huge sigh of relief when he saw me. He told me he needs a break from blogging – it took a lot out of him.

I’ve acquired a few new followers in the past month. Visiting their sites impressed me all over again with the variety of people, views, and talents in the world! You might want to check some of them out!


  1. Susan Edgerton who posts as msbooknerd at https://willwriteforcoffeeandbooks.wordpress.com is a writer, mother, wife, student, future librarian, and she loves to read. She blogs about things she is passionate about – writing, books, feminism, equality, literacy, and surviving polycystic ovary syndrome, to name a few.

2. 神人 Nerdy Asian Alice at http://xdrink.org who writes for escape, choice and freedom

3. Holly at https://bloggityramblings.wordpress.com  Holly grew up as super shy and is a mother now, having survived marriage, divorce, depression, and is still a responsible adult who gets joy from reading, looking at art and doodling. From time to time, she steals her son’s rock and roll t- shirts.

4. Manpreet, a scientist, who blogs at https://mysyntheticscientificworld.wordpress.com.  I read her blog on what is a mole (no, not the burrowing creature) and gravitational wave detection. Pretty interesting stuff, especially if you have any science in your background.

5. Linus K. Letting at https://lettinglk.wordpress.com.  He just started blogging and writes on anything – social, economic, emotional – but likes sarcasm. Looking forward to what he posts.

6. Gary Matthews or garym6059 at http://skipahsrealm.com/.  He posts on cooking, dating, humor, life along the Eastern Seaboard and recently on a Key West Kind of Weekend, which covered a lot of ground – a walk, food, drink, all fun.

7. Plotless 1 who posts at http://plotlessone.com  Check out his ‘About’: Somewhere amongst all that nothingness I roam and wander. I live this plotless life.

This will be the haven of my thoughts and actions as I stroll through all this (shit).

Feel free to journey with me through my plotless life.

He posts advice, blog promotions, what people are reading. He recently promoted Porter Girl (if you haven’t acquainted yourself with Lucy, you are missing a LOT).

8. A Musing Teen at https://musinguponmylife.wordpress.com. She’s thirteen and has the cutest dog for a gravatar.  She likes books, music and random musings – plus she’s a good writer.

9. Martina Ramseur who posts at Rivella49’s Blog – https://rivella49.wordpress.com.  Martina is originally from Switzerland and has been living in Ticino for 30 years and has become a linguist. She believes knowledge of languages is important so we can get to know each other’s cultures. She is an official translator and is available to translate your work for you.

10. Karen at http://donotgetsickinthesinkplease.com  She lives in Philadelphia with a patient husband and a lovesick cat and writes about humor and sex! She recently rates mattresses for sex – now there’s a unique post!

11. Steve Tanham at https://stevetanham.wordpress.com/. Steve is one of the three directors of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, along with Stuart France and Sue Vincent, a couple of people I have followed with delight for several years.  He lives with his wife, a cat and a dog in a restored bungalow on the edge of the English Lake District (oh, beautiful!) where it rains a lot and is thus VERY green. He is driven by a love of good teaching. He enjoys humor and is learning to live with an opened heart in a less-controlled world.

12. Emily Sama at Fantage Chatter – https://fantagechatter.wordpress.com, where she welcomes you to her upside down, crappy blog with recycled inspirations and cardboard dreams with delightful cartoons. She does a variety of posts and pages – advertises blogs, an anime sharing site, guides, a shop for exclusive drawing and headers. This is a one stop shop for help with your blog’s visual, plus she has her own illustrated stuff.  


29 thoughts on “I’ve returned and while I’m recovering….

  1. A Musing Teen

    Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod! Thank u sooo much! I’m so overwhelmed that someone thinks I’m a good writer! (Or was that for flattery?) (Just kidding) Anyways, love you! 🙂


    • You’re earning it. Be true to your voice and try drawing in your followers with short stories. I review a lot of YA books for Rosie Amber (if you are looking books, check out her site, since she covers a lot of genres) – I recommend Oy Yew (yes, that’s a title), which I reviewed and then reread because I liked it so much.
      Keep in touch!


      • A Musing Teen

        I’m really thankful for your advice! Of course I’ll check her out! You are such a wonderful person for helping me! Thank you! 🙂


    • I managed to keep up with all the doings at Old College while I was gone. Couldn’t stand to miss a thing, Lucy! It’s so nice to see you are such a popular blogger! I will try to insert a travelog or two amongst my A-Z challenge posts!


      • Well that’s great news! Old College likes to think you are nearby at all times 🙂 You really are very kind.
        I shall look forward to all of it, I tell you!


  2. Holly

    Wait, you mentioned me? Awesome and thank you! I am glad to have found this space, via an awesome dino-blogger-friend in common.

    Glad to hear you had such a great time in Germany!


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