New Followers


I wanted to publish the list of new followers, some of which I have delayed responding to because of time constraints. I went to each and every one who had a blog and found the MOST amazing people out there. What an incredible blogging world I belong to – and many thanks to each of you for finding saylingaway interesting enough to follow.

Please visit these sites. They are worth the time!

Rina ♥ (avatar only)

Susan Kotch at

Smiling Notes at (

A Momma’s View at (

lbeth1950 (

Thomas M. Watt (

Maja at

  1. Philippou at

Amarose Inghazi at

Karen O at

SashSelfLove at

Mukhamani at

Mithai Mumbelezz at

Etak at

Kendell F. Person at

Petrel144 at https://dearkitty1.wordpress.comr

readers+writers journal at

Eric Klingenberg at

Zigma at

Coleen Chesebro at

Harsh Reality at


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