Death in a Red Canvas Chair: FREE This Week on Kindle


I was an attendee at the Raleigh Bouchercon Convention this past week – at least for a day, which I will explain in a subsequent post. Bouchercon is held every year in a different city, and is billed as the “world’s finest annual crime fiction event, bringing together more than 1,000 authors, fans, publishers, reviewers, booksellers, and editors …for a fantastic four day event.”

The very first activity was something called speed dating for authors. Those of us who signed up brought goody bags to the event and moved in pairs from table to table for 15 tables, each of us taking two minutes to introduce ourselves and our books – and hand our goody bags.

I used specimen bags for mine, tucked a postcard of my first book, Death in a Red Canvas Chair, in the outside pocket, and chocolate, bookmarks for both DRCC and my second book, Death in a Dacron Sail, a red syringe pen (Rhe Brewster, my protagonist, is, after all, a nurse), my business card, and some colored paper clips for fun. I also told the people at each table that my first book would be available for free on Kindle this week.

N.A. Granger - The Rhe Brewster Mysteries's photo.


So there you have it, folks! You can download Death in a Red Canvas Chair for FREE from Monday through Friday this week.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’m making it easy for you to give it a try, and I hope you enjoy it.

27 thoughts on “Death in a Red Canvas Chair: FREE This Week on Kindle

  1. Alex Hurst

    This reminds me that I still need to read the copy you sent me! Also, those bags are a FABULOUS idea! So clever! I’m sure they flew off the table like nothing else. ๐Ÿ™‚


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