Men Vs Women Writers Infographic


Thought you might enjoy this infographic on men vs women writers, while I’m living it up in Maine!  Please note this graphic was kindly provided by:

MenvsWomen Writers infographic


38 thoughts on “Men Vs Women Writers Infographic

  1. Interesting. My daughter has sent me an article about a woman who submitted a manuscript to multiple publishers, sometimes with a woman’s name and sometimes with a man’s name as author. The results are interesting. I’ll see if I can find it and send you a link. 🙂


  2. Jemima Pett

    My dad used to get very cross with books (thrillers, detectives) written by women writers. I think he didn’t like the extra description.


  3. This doesn’t surprise me. I think women are typically more creatively patient and look beyond the obvious. There are exceptions to everything, of course but as a general rule…


  4. Maybe it’s just the style that I favor when reading, but I like shorter, to the point prose over long description. I have to mention over-writing a lot when I’m reading for other people.


      • OK, I’m glad I’m not just being grumpy when I critique. Marking someone’s manuscript all over with, “Why are you saying this in such a complicated way?” makes me feel like I’m just impossible to please sometimes. 😛


  5. Interesting, indeed. I write mysteries, as do you, Noelle, a genre long dominated by men. I’m not interested in plot and suspense alone, however, or the detective crime novel, but prefer a literary quality to it. I’m interested in prose and want to see every word sing. I’m assuming men take a different approach to it, and imagine there’s an audience for both. Some studies show men sell better, perhaps because the field has been dominated by male writers for so long, and for that reason many women writers use initials rather than full names. In my view, that’s ridiculous, but I’m just the audience of one. Great post.


  6. An interesting post and comments. I read more women authors, because my genres are generally favored by women. I prefer character driven novels, but I don’t mind description as long as it is well written and doesn’t drag. Long or short sentences? I would have to say long, as too many short sentences can sound sloppy.
    I hope Norah can find that clipping. It will be interesting to see how publishers feel about male vs femail authors.


  7. I wouldn’t call women better writers just because of some tests although the results are interesting. I’d say it depends on the reader and on his/hers mood while reading a story. Sometimes I want a lovely written book filled with feelings, lovely descriptions and rich character development and sometimes I just want to dive into fast paced action to forget about the world surrounding me.


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