A Busy Week


To all my friends in the blogosphere:

I have been running an academic educational meeting in Nevada for the past week and thus have not had a chance to visit your blogs. We got home last night and are off tomorrow for a three day driving junket to see our son before he heads back to Germany. I promise to be back reading and commenting by the end of the week! Funny how summer works out…



6 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. Noelle, you’ve been busy in the best of ways! (I want so very much to get back to living in the southwest… It’s breaking my heart to be unsuccessful at getting there.) Enjoy your visit with your son. Have a great time! We’ll still be here. Hugs

  2. Jemima Pett

    I’ll allow you to be busy – I know the feeling. When you have time, I’ve just noticed I’m not getting your updates by email any more. I can sign up for them again, but thought you’d like to know they aren’t getting through for some reason.

    • Hi Jemima: I’ve been sort of offline for more than a week. Will be back reading posts regularly – and replying by the weekend. I just received the copy of your book, as I was leaving for this second trip. Look forward to reading it when I get back!

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