The Day After the Challenge


My thanks to everyone who visited me during the A-Z Challenge!

I made some new friends this past month, and even though it really was a challenge, I had way too much fun writing about Maine.

I’ve only had two guesses on where I might go this summer when I’m in Maine. So c’mon people! Take a chance, give me some guesses. There’s an autographed book hanging out here, waiting for an owner.

20 thoughts on “The Day After the Challenge

  1. I was going to guess Boothbay Harbor but I remember you mentioning that you might be going up to Bar Harbor/Acadia this year so I’ll go with Acadia. But maybe I was just imagining that….:)


  2. Oh my goodness, I’m so tired right now. I’m literally writing this sprawled out on my bed without any pants (evil pants). Anyway, congrats on completing another year. I regret that I couldn’t comment more, but doing two challenges at once on top of all my other work got to be too much. I’m reading for a late spring hibernation now.


    • If only I dared!! I’m sure he’s sick to death of people dropping by – if they can find him! Did you know he won an Edgar award this year for his last book, which was categorized as a mystery?


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