Are You Ready for the Challenge?


Sing this to the tune of “Are You Ready for Some Football?” that’s played before the NFL season opens on TV!

I’m sure you’ve been working hard.  I’ve had to schedule around my two critique groups, multiple dentist visits (oh ouch and ugh), plain old writing, and some other, largely non-writing commitments. So today I’m celebrating having arrived at “T.”

I hope all y’all (that’s Southern plural for y’all) are having fun and I look forward to reading what you’ve created.



13 thoughts on “Are You Ready for the Challenge?

  1. I’m working on ‘L’; and that’s not to mention the letters before this will need to be tweaked a bit further before they can go live. ‘L’ is giving me a fit. I know what the subject is going to be. I tried writing the post and after about an hour, I deleted it all because I wasn’t happy with it. 🙂

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