With the closing of our pool four days ago – hey, I made it to October 30 even though I couldn’t actually swim the last day because the water was so cold – I have to look for other ways to exercise. I can feel my body settling without doing something active every day. So I’ve decided to alternate walking with going to the gym.

Today I took my first walk, with our dog Angel. Because I have not been doing long walks, I decided to begin with a relatively short jaunt down our steep, long, twisty driveway, across the road, and down a ways to a trail that winds through the woods, created by the Triangle Land Conservancy.

20141102_145517 (2)

Angel was ecstatic since the walk presented her with a smorgasbord of odors and things to explore, not to mention the chance to pee five hundred times on top of whatever had been left by other dogs on the trail. She maybe 13 years of old (that’s 91 in dog years), but she has more energy than I do and practically dragged me along, wrapping herself around my legs several times. The trail was very faint, covered with leaves, but she managed to find our way.
20141102_111707 (2)

The trail partially runs along a creek that continues flowing east at the bottom of our property.

There is a bench about halfway along that overlooks the creek, and at that point we headed back to the road to walk back to our driveway. I took a picture of the creek from the bridge at the bottom of the drive – we are just past peak color this weekend.


Then it was the long, steep climb back up to the house, which I wish was at the beginning of the walk and not the end! Angel is taking a long nap his afternoon.

20141102_134415 (2)



  1. Looks like a wonderful walk. It’s always good if they’re a bit strenuous, you feel much better after! Angel looks wacked! My dog, Jacky, is now añmost 15, and she gets very tired, in fact I can’t take her out on long walks, such a pity:( Brave of you to be swimming until a few days ago! I gave up weeks ago!

    • Thanks! That pup is so energetic most of the time that she takes deep, deep naps where she yips and moves in her dreams. When our older dog died, Angel decided I was her alpha, so I rarely go anywhere inside or out without her. I like taking walks but my old knees take a beating!

  2. Beautiful photos of fall. I love to go walking in the fall. My husband and I try to take a long walk on Saturday mornings. We live a few minutes from a nature trail and it’s a lovely walk.

    Angel deserved her nap! 🙂

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