Thanks to all the A-Z bloggers!


Thanks to everyone who has stopped by.  I apologize that the pictures for Massacio didn’t get uploaded into the post until this afternoon. I’m not sure what happened, but they are there now in all their glory.

I have had a wonderful time visiting you all and seeing all the creative things you have done with the A-Z challenge. Some of my favorites so far:

Sylvia Writes

From Sarah with Joy


Diary of an Aspiring Writer

Scribbling in the Storage Room

Jemima Pett

Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training

Rosie Amber

Reflections and Nightmares

A Woman’s Wisdom

As you can see, variety is the spice of my life. So thank you to all my new blogger friends!


4 thoughts on “Thanks to all the A-Z bloggers!

  1. No worries. I thought at first that he didn’t have any surviving works left until I saw your comment at the top. I’m having a great time following your blog. Sorry I’ve gotten a little behind recently. I’m going to try and get caught up on all my back reading today.

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