With both a sense of relief and a feeling of longing to do more (but realizing I’m done), I finished uploading and inserting all of the art into my A-Z Renaissance artists. I had a great time selecting art, comparing one artist with another, and choosing the styles and characteristics that made each artist unique.  There are at least a handful of artists that I wanted to write about, but the A-Z format only allowed me to cheat three times, when I couldn’t find an artist whose name began with the appropriate letter.

You will notice that even though I did Raphael, I left out the other two of the grand triumvirate: da Vinci and Michelangelo.  My reason?  Both of them are so well known and had such a voluminous production of exquisite art during their careers, I would be hard put to summarize their lives in around 600 words and to choose illustrations.  I’ve given a whole lecture just on da Vinci’s anatomy!

Thanks to everyone who stops by my blog, and if you have questions or other artists you’d like me to look at, leave me a note!


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