A-Z Blog Challenge is Coming!


Just thought I’d issue a bit of a warning. For last year’s A-Z blog challenge, I did odors – something every mystery writer should include in their stories. And it was a challenge! There are many blog writers out there whose musing on writing, specifically mystery writing, are so far beyond anything I would write, I decided this year to do something completely different.
This year I am writing about Renaissance artists. So my blog will still be related to an art, just not writing (except in the case of Georgio Vasari and Leonardo daVinci). I took Renaissance art courses in college and became entranced with the art and history of the time. So I am going to take a jog down memory lane and see if I can find Renaissance artists, A=Z.
I’ve already put together blogs A-C, and I must say it’s fun, but challenging, since I need to keep them fairly short and include appropriate illustrations. I am trying to choose artists who made a contribution to the development of their craft, in terms of medium, technique, mechanics, or style. The main problem is that the blog is non-linear. I jump around from early to middle to late Renaissance to keep to the A-Z. I’ll put a timeline in at the end.
Stay tuned!


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