How to find inspiration


I’m facing a period of healing (bodily) which leaves the mind at sixes and sevens. Having a routine helps, with small daily goals, including time for writing. With so much mental space unclaimed, the things people send me seem to have more of an impact. My sister-in-law sent me the following quote from Francine du Plessix Gray.
“I write because in the act of creation there comes that mysterious, abundant sense of being both parent and child; I am giving birth to an Other and simultaneously being reborn as a child in the playground of creation.”
Don’t we all have a little of creation in us?


One thought on “How to find inspiration

  1. Great quote, Noelle. Absolutely, we all have many little creations in us, of various forms. Every story, as we writers like to say, is our baby, and watching it from birth to completion is sometimes a painful process. Also a joy to see it do well.

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