What to do now that A-Z is over?


I don’t know about anyone else who did the A-Z blog challenge, but it felt rather strange this week not to be writing something for my blog. Which is probably why here I am, writing something for my blog.

Actually, I’ve found myself back writing my second book more or less full time, rather than picking at it.  With all the words of wisdom I have gathered from my fellow bloggers, I actually took time off yesterday just to think…about where it should go next, where all the pieces floating around in my head will fit in…and for the first time made a sort of flow chart.

I am not a big book planner. I just sit down and write.  I have an idea of the plot elements before I begin, as well as the characters, but basically I just create out of thin air. Working everything out ahead of time, as most of my colleagues do (successful ones, I should add), takes the fun out of it for me.  I think it’s because writing academic papers for some 40 years, where everything is totally planned out ahead of time and you are following a format (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Plans for future work) didn’t allow for much creativity. That came in the work itself.

I’d love input on how other writers use their creativity to write: character summaries, flow charts, white boards?


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