S is for Sweat


Betcha no one is going to pick sweat for the S! I actually like the smell of well-earned sweat and particularly that of a man.  There is something rather sexy about it.  Or maybe I’m weird.

Sweating or perspiration or diaphoresis is the production of fluid by two types of glands in the skin of mammals.  One type, the ecrine glands, is found in the skin all over the body and is the primary source of sweat.  Sweat is mostly water, but it also contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and a variety of trace metals. Our primary means of thermoregulation, the control of our body temperature, is via the evaporation of our sweat.

The other type of gland, apocrine glands, also release pheromones, odorless chemicals which alter the behavior of the one smelling them.   A lot of animals have anal glands, which are of the apocrine type. Ever wondered why dogs sniff each other’s rear ends? It’s a means of identification through the secretion of the anal glands! Humans have some vestigial remnants of anal glands – aren’t you glad we don’t identify ourselves this way?


One thought on “S is for Sweat

  1. Nah uh … you’re not weird. I know exactly what you mean about sexy sweat. 🙂 And yes, very glad we don’t identify ourselves as folks with “vestigial remnants of anal glands.”
    Great post. Lots of fun to read.

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