O is for Onions (wild)


I love the smell of onions cooking. It makes me feel homey and strangely peaceful, not sure why. Onions figure into almost all of my main dishes, and I miss them when they’re not there.  The best smell of onion is when our grass is being mowed. Our lawn is seeded with them, so along with the wonderful odor of fresh grass, there is always a whiff of onion.  These grass-bound wild onions (Allium) are perfectly edible, too. The leaves, flowers and stalk are all fine, and they can be used any time a store-bought onion is called for.  I pick them every summer for salads and, if you’ll pardon the pun, feel like I am performing an act that goes back to our roots!


4 thoughts on “O is for Onions (wild)

  1. I love onions. When my mother visited last winter she insisted we cook everything with onion to ward off the germs. I don’t think we got any bad colds …

    And the smell … love it.

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