L is for Linden Trees


The lovely smell of linden tree blossoms in the spring takes me back to Plymouth, where I grew up, and the old library where I spent so many happy hours reading.  The library, which has since been replaced with a big modern one, was an imposing two story block building with columns on a narrow street lined with old, old houses.  It was set back from the street and had four linden trees in front, two on either side of the walk leading to the heavy double doors. The library was a regular stop every Saturday morning for the whole family, and the children’s books were in the basement.  The basement room was cozy and had old diamond-paned windows through which came wobbling light, and it was a splendid place to spend a rainy morning reading books in one of the outsized (to me) comfortable chairs.  This is where I found the Narnia series which so enchanted me that I bought the whole series in hardback when I was a graduate student, for the children that would be 12 more years in the coming!

Linden trees have such a strong tug on my memory and my heart that we recently planted one at our lake house.


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