For the very first time….


Dear Readers:

This is my first time I’ve blogged, and right off the bat, I need to thank the writers in my critique groups for helping me to become a better writer and learn the practice of the art.  There’s still a way to go, but I think I’m getting better. Special thanks to Bob, Elizabeth, and Sandy, who slogged through every chapter of my book over the last eighteen months, offering great insight, reality checks, and practical advice.  Bob and Elizabeth have their own blogs, and I recommend them: and

I’ve attached the first two chapters of Sudden Death to get feedback from a wide variety of interested readers, along with a couple of short stories.  Do not be put off by the title There’s a Penis in my Pocket.  It isn’t pornography, but rather an incident that happened to me during the years I was teaching gross anatomy laboratories and sort of funny, at least from an anatomist’s point of view.

I plan to write more as my search for an agent and a publisher progresses this spring and will have some books to recommend that I’ve read this year or am in the process of reading.


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